Logistics Consortium Spain; A diversified company!


We have delivered 600 high quality mattresses to Air Force Base Moron for the dorms of the Marines. We also took care of the removal of the old 600 mattresses.

We supplied 4 high quality Quads to the Morón Base of the Air Force for the Marines and the construction of a garage to be able to protect the Quads, for this it was necessary to perform ground movements to level the land and built a comple structure.

We supplied 12 high quality professional industrial washers and 12 high quality professional industrial dryers to the Morón Air Force Base for Marines. In this process, we carried out and adapted the machines so that they were compatible with the American electrical system and its electrical sockets. We also provide a technical service 24/7. We also delt with the removal and the dissembling of the old machines.