Logistics Consortium Spain; No sea to deep!


LCS submitted an offer to the request for the preventive maintenance and repair of 6 Harbor Security Boats for the Rota Naval Base, due to the precariousness obtained during previous years we noticed that a 180 degree change was necessary to provide a professional service, of quality and transparency for such important work.

Daily, we do general checks of all ships to execute the scheduled maintenance and preventive maintenance. Also a maintenance program of each boat with respect to the engines, the electrical part, as well as the communication-system, radar, sonar and the maintenance of the hull. We also take care of the annual update of fire extinguishers, CO2 detectors and heating / air conditioning systems.

Each engine has its own maintenance program, which is monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual review. To ensure that, between scheduled maintenance, vessels are in optimun condition, we have activated a preventive maintenance system.

As these boats are made in the USA, we order the spare parts in the USA from providers like Westerbeke, Whelen, Marine Surplus etc….

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