We are proud to inform that our company LCS has been selected as official distributor for the supply of the Murlink Synthetic Chains made out of Dyneema Fiber for USA Defense.

Murlink® is made with Dyneema®, wich has extremely long molecular chains that transfer load more effectively to the polymer backbone compared to regular polyethylene.

Murlink® Möbius link design equalizes the load across all layers. So it is stronger than existing lashing and lifting alternatives.

Characteristics of the Dyneema fiber:
- Very high resistance coefficient against abrasion. 7 times more abrasion
resistant than a wire-rope sling. Its resistance to abrasion and cuts is very far
from polyester and quite close to a Gr80 steel chain. Much greater durability
than polyester.
- Lightness: 80% lighter tan Steel chains y 35% lighter than polyester.
Its light and easy handling reduces production times and pain and sick leave
due to injury. (Our Master Links, also in Dyneema, are 90% lighter than the
traditional alternative in Gr80 Steel).
o Fewer operators to make connections.
o Less means and efforts to move our strands from one place to another.
o Less Back pains and/or sick leaves due to the manipulation of heavy
- Stretching at full load: Dyneema barely stretches under full load; <1,5% of
its original length.
- Repels liquids:
o Not affected by hidrocarbons.
o Not affected by must acids nor alkalines.
o Does not suck water.
o Floats.
o Not affected by salty wáter, norsaltpeter, sand, mud….
- Not affected by UV Rays.
- Does not spread fire.
- It is dielectric.